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Welcome to Range Automation Systems

We are the world leader in state of the art automated golf driving range equipment. Our products, which include Tee-Up systems, Vending Machines, Elevators, Washer/Dryers, Conveyors, TrackTee Dividers and Range Management Software, are being utilized by the most successful driving ranges in the world. We also sell to private individuals who want the benefits our equipment has to offer. Such as an Auto-Tee system on the Super Yacht Lady Lola or eliminating the need to chase the golf ball in an indoor simulator system. As you will see most of our customers place in the top 100 of must visit venues year after year. For example the Des Plaines Golf Center, Chelsea Piers Sports Complex and theSwing in Western Australia do millions of dollars in revenue each year. This means that our equipment is efficiently processing millions of golf balls every year. You cannot generate that type of revenue by placing a few vending machines at your range. You need a company that specializes in handling that amount of volume in a efficient and user friendly way. Feel free to ask anyone who has purchased or is familiar with one of our driving ranges and you will see, our products are recommended for their quality, reliability and ease of operation. Our goal is to provide you with a solid increases in sales and increased customer satisfaction. So whether you have a great driving range concept or own a small or large facility and need to increase your revenue and customer base call us today and make it a reality!