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The World Leader in Automated Driving Range Equipment

Since 1993 we have been maximizing golf driving range revenue and enhancing the golfers practice experience with our unique and dependable line of golf driving range equipment. We specialize in Automatic Tee-Up systems, Ball Dispensers, Elevators, Washer/Dryers, Conveyors, TrackTee Bay Dividers and Range Management Software. Please visit one of our many driving ranges and see why we are partners with the most successful driving ranges in the world.


Our customers place in the top 100 of must visit venues year after year. To give you an idea of this success, the Des Plaines Golf Center, Chelsea Piers Sports Complex and theSwing generate millions of dollars in revenue each year with our equipment.

TopGolf Naperville Golf Ball Conveyor

TopGolf Naperville Golf Ball Conveyor System

Ask anyone who operates or practices at our driving ranges and you will find that our products are recommended for their quality, reliability and ease of operation while providing a relaxed and productive practice experience.

Valley golf driving range equipment

Valley Golf Center, Avondale Arizona 60 NorthStar Tee Stations and 10 Tracktees

Our goal is to provide a solid increase in sales and customer satisfaction for every driving range throughout the world. So if you have a great driving range concept or own a small/large facility give us a call today.


Skokie Sports Park, Skokie Illinois NorthStar & TrackTee Upgrade 2017

Skokie Sports Park, Skokie Illinois NorthStar & TrackTee Upgrade 2017

We also work with private individuals who desire the benefits our golf driving range automation equipment has to offer. Such as a custom Auto-Tee system on the Super Yacht Lady Lola.

Yacht LADY LOLA - golf driving range equipment
Or a custom indoor simulator system that eliminates the hassle of retrieving the golf ball.

Indoor golf driving range equipment

Ultimate Automated Golf Man Cave

Please call or send us an email and discover what we can do for you!



Hong Kong Golf and Tennis TrackTee

Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy TrackTee at Every Bay!


See what our customers say…


I recently purchased the EZ-Shot Golf Auto Tee System.  I sell and install commercial golf simulators and wanted to test out the technology for my clients.

This thing is awesome! No more bending over to tee up my golf balls. It really makes practicing the driver more attractive. I will now start offering this product to my future and existing golf simulator clients.

Ron Smithburger – Owner/CEO – The Golf Simulator Experts