Why Automate My Range?

Automated Gofl Driving Range

Simply put, automating your driving range equipment will bring more customers who hit more balls in a shorter time. Whether you are updating an older range or building from scratch, the choice to automate is a clear winner. The golf industry is experiencing a tech boom. Todays customers expect ranges to keep up. The future is heading towards more and better tech and the customers are happily following.

Lets compare golf to another industry: Bowling. Up until the 1950’s bowling alleys would pay people to manually clear the pins, send the ball back to the bowler and reset the pins. Then came automation. The entire process increased in speed, consistency, customer enjoyment and most importantly, the bowling alleys profits. It would be a surprise to walk into a bowling alley today that wasn’t automated. Golf is also following the entertainment side of the business with interactive games, ball tracking tech, food/beverage, etc.

To satisfy a driving range owners need for increased revenue while offering a unique practice experience, Range Automation Systems (RAS) has developed and implemented the worlds most efficient turn-key automated golf ball washing/drying, storage, delivery and tee-up system. Our solutions are extremely flexible, durable and proven to increase gross revenue by a minimum of 33%.  With RAS, you will receive:

     Dependable Equipment

Our equipment is built tough to provide years of trouble free operation. Over 26 years and thousands of stations serving millions of balls, we understand how tough our products need to be. A full warranty of product and installation covers every piece of equipment.

     Increased Revenue

Golfers will hit 30%-40% more balls in less time, increasing revenue per customer, per visit. Maximizing a driving range’s profits is the core to a successful business model. RAS offers a flexible turn key system that is proven to increase revenue while enhancing the customers practice session. With many years of driving range experience, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the most advanced and reliable equipment available in the industry today. In choosing RAS you will partner with the industry leader whose top quality products, excellent customer service and continuing research and development ensure your ability to face the challenges of increasing your customer base and driving range profits.

The key to large sales figures is to increase the customer’s hit rate and purchase amount. Often, a golfer will take minutes to tee the ball and realign their stance. Automatically teeing up the ball increases the hit rate dramatically. This eliminates the wasted time moving around, as well as creating a unique practice session for the customer. There is also the benefit that you may offer your regular customers; a pre-paid membership card in denominations as high as $500. Our membership card program will increase the average sale amount since the customer is able to buy larger amounts of balls to use over many visits. This float factor can be very high and provides better cash control for the range.

     Satisfied Customers

Our systems offer a truly unique hitting experience. When the golf ball is automatically teed-up, the customer maintains their stance, builds better muscle control, develops a rhythm, builds confidence and improves their swing, all while enjoying the experience. The system also benefits customers with back problems, the elderly, children, etc. No more bending over to tee-up a golf ball. This builds loyalty and word of mouth.

     A State-of-the-Art Driving Range

Our software also provides better management of the facility through the use of the Range Management Software (RMS). The RMS controls every aspect of the system.  This includes: station status, member profiles, demographics, sales reports and on screen advertising functions. Everything you need is always at your fingertips.

     A world of Experience

Securing your position as the best driving range in the area requires a partner who understands your unique market. Range Automation Systems is that partner. Specializing in auto tee and ball delivery systems for the driving range industry. Our driving range equipment offers unparalleled dependability, ease of use, increased customer satisfaction and maximum revenue return.

With over 26 years of experience we have installed more automated driving ranges than any other company. RAS has redefined the driving range experience with our line of Automated Tee-up and Delivery Systems. Finally, your driving range is our calling card, the best evidence of our capabilities for future clients and projects. We will apply the whole of our technical and design expertise in creating the driving range of your dreams.