BX-10 Golf Ball Dispenser

BX-100 Golf Ball Vending Machine
BX-10 Golf Ball Dispenser


Featuring dual dispensing mechanisms, the BX-10 golf ball dispenser provides a fast fill rate of up to 500 balls per minute. You can count on it to dispense the exact number of golf balls, in any bucket size, every time.

The dispenser also has the least amount of moving parts of any other dispenser on the market. Therefore eliminating the need to stock many expensive spare parts. You can rest assured with a 2 year warranty the BX-10 is a durable and reliable dispenser.

Not only does the BX-10 come standard with a token payment system, but it can also be upgraded to include our Range Management Software system.

Coupon tickets and Membership Cards are available with the Range Management Software.

Golf Ball Membership Cards

The dispenser is either filled manually or supplied by our golf ball delivery system.


BX-10 Golf Ball Dispenser