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Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt

Golf Warehouse Wellington

The Lower Hutt golf driving range is now OPEN! We have installed 22 EagleStar and TrackTee units, in addition to the Range Management Software and a complete ball wash/storage/delivery system. This is the third Golf Warehouse range that has been upgraded by RAS.


TrackTee Wellington New Zealand

Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt Driving Range with TrackTee



Featuring 22 EagleStar bays coupled with TrackTee technology, Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt is New Zealand’s premier practice destination! Along with a 9 hole par 3 golf course, mini golf and Institute of Golf all under the one location.



Golf Warehouse Takapuna, New Zealand

Takapuna logo
Golf Warehouse Takapuna is one of New Zealand’s premier golfing practice destinations. It features a fully stocked retail shop with the latest club fitting tech from Foresight Sports coupled with with our EagleStar fully auto 28 bay golf driving range with TrackTee. Make this your new home of practice today and watch your scores drop.

Golf Warehouse Takapuna

Golf Warehouse Takapuna
Golf Warehouse Automated Driving Range
TrackTee display

TrackTee is installed at each bay to enhance the customer practice experience. Check out the video below.


Golf Warehouse Ellerslie, New Zealand

Golf Warehouse Ellerslie

Golf Warehouse Ellerslie is New Zealand’s Premier Range. Featuring 30 auto driving range bays including the latest TrackTee Launch Monitors. Not only is it prefect for fun with friends, but also for those serious about their game development. Finally, a fun place to swing away.


ellerslie automated driving range

Ellerslie Automated Driving Range

Ellerslie Automated Driving Range


Golf Warehouse Ellerslie



Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Golf Warehouse Wellington
Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt is Wellington’s Premier Golf range. Featuring a fully auto EagleStar 22 bay driving range with TrackTee Smart Bay Dividers. Finally a fun place to practice your game.

Golf Warehouse WellingtonGolf Warehouse Wellington