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Newtown Athletic Club

Construction is complete on the InClubGolf Studio at the Newtown Athletic Club! The studio opened in August, 2015.

In addition, two Range Automation Systems EagleStar Indoor Systems will deliver balls to the customers. Not only fun and simple, but no more chasing down the ball and teeing it up yourself. Great compliment to the golf teaching lesson.

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InClubGolf Newtown Club































Libertyville Sports Complex

Libertyville Sports Complex Range with 40 NorthStar II stations on two levels.

Libertyville Driving Range Award


Once again, the Libertyville Sports Complex’s state-of-the-art Driving Range wins “Best Driving Range in Chicago” by the Daily Herald. In addition, it won their Readers’ Choice award several years running. Featuring 30 automated, weather-protected tees and a putting/chipping green to work on your short game. We also have lights for night time practice. Open every day, even during winter.


Libertyville Sports Complex Automated Driving Range Libertyville Sports Complex Automated Driving Range



Libertyville satellite


Great Lakes Golf Complex



The Great Lakes Golf Complex is a three level, 90 station range under the largest Dome in the U.S. (95′ high by 110 yards long). The design consists of a three level deck with a ball wash supply room behind the deck. The range offers both time rental and price per ball options to its customers. In their first season with 62 Northstar II stations in use, they exceeded 95,000 balls/day and averaged 180 balls/station/hour.


Great Lakes Golf














Super Yacht Lady Lola

Super Yacht Lady Lola Automated Driving Range


At Range Automation Systems we can install our equipment anywhere. If you can dream it we can do it! On the Super Yacht Lady Lola we created this unique golf experience by installing 1 NorthStar Auto Tee inside the deck of the yacht.Super Yacht Lady Lola














There was quite a bit of engineering involved to get the auto tee to raise up from inside the ship, but once completed our customer was more than thrilled that he now has an automated driving range anywhere in the world.


-RAS is the world leader in automated driving range products since 1993. Located in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona, we are at the heart of the golf industry. We offer the most advanced and user friendly systems on the market. RAS is always at the forefront of automation for the golf driving range industry. For this reason our goal is simple; to provide a turn key system, designed to provide maximum revenue and customer satisfaction. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out our “Contact Us‘ page and allow our dedicated professionals to answer any questions you may have.

CrackerJax Automated Driving Range

CrackerJax logo



Crackerjax is named by the GRAA to their “Top 100 U.S. Driving Ranges” list for an astounding 10 years straight!

The two levels have a total of 66 hitting bays and is designed to meet PGA standards.

All 33 fully automated stations are on one level. The first fully-automated range built in 1993.



Offering a full 300 yards with five target greens from 75 to 250 yards. The range design includes: misters during the summer, lights for evening golf, grade level grass and an auto tee-up system!

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