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Golf Warehouse Takapuna, New Zealand

Golf Warehouse Takapuna
Golf Warehouse Takapuna is one of New Zealand’s premier golfing practice destinations. It features a fully stocked retail shop with the latest club fitting technology from Foresight Sports along with our EagleStar fully automated 28 bay golf driving range with TrackTee, practice putting green, and 5 PGA professionals on site. Make this your new home of practice today and watch your scores drop.

Golf Warehouse Takapuna

Golf Warehouse Takapuna Automated Driving Range
Golf Warehouse Takapuna Automated Driving Range

TrackTee is installed at each bay to enhance the customer practice experience. Check out the video below.

Golf Warehouse Ellerslie, New Zealand

GW Ellerslie

Golf Warehouse Ellerslie is New Zealand’s Premier Golf practice destination, featuring a fully 30 automated driving range bays including the latest Track Tee Technology, a members area including five short game greens and a 40m wide grass range tee, a 9 hole Pitch and Putt Par 3 Golf Course ranging from 80m to 135m holes and the Institute of Golf all under the one location. Located in the middle of the Ellerslie course, the entrance is through Gate 1 behind the Ascot Hospital. Golf Warehouse Ellerslie is prefect for fun with friends and for those serious about their game development.ellerslie automated driving range
Ellerslie Automated Driving RangeEllerslie Automated Driving RangeEllerslie Automated Driving Range

21 Golf Driving Range

21 Golf Automated Driving Range

The 21 Golf Driving Range has been selected as the one of the top 50 driving ranges in the United States by the Golf Range Association of America.

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Driving Range EagleStar Auto Tee

EagleStar Logo

The EagleStar Auto Tee System has been designed to offer a less expensive alternative to our kiosk based NorthStar4 system. Although the systems share all the same ball delivery components, the EagleStar system uses a small control pad to control start/stop, tee up and down. The system is controlled by our Range Management Software and the bays are activated once the customer checks in. The price per ball and membership options can be set based on the owners preferences through the software. Our system works by encoding a reusable membership card with demongraphic information, value on card and membership level. Pricing and membership tiers can be setup to allow various levels of membership.

 Tee Adjust
  • Adjust the Tee from 0-63mm
 EagleStar Control Pad
  •  Easy to Use Controls
 EagleStar Display Screen
  •  Bright LED Display
EagleStar Control Panel
  •  The Control Panel features durable and easy to use buttons for start/stop, adjusting tee height and displays time left or remaining number of balls

EagleStar System Layout

  • Easy to Use – Simply check in at the front desk and go to the assigned bay. Press the start button and the first ball will be delivered to the tee. Adjust the tee height using the up/down buttons. Once a ball is struck another will appear at the same height.
  •  Enhanced Experience – Customers will appreciate the auto tee feature as they build better muscle memory and improve their swing. Not only does the customer enjoy using the system, but it makes them a better golfer while they hit more balls in less time!
  •  Ball Delivery – The dispenser box is located in the rear of the tee line and supplies 2 or 4 bays with golf balls and is filled from the horizontal conveyor.
  •  Auto Tee – The auto tee will tee a ball every 4 seconds and is adjustable up to 2.5 inches.

Range Automation Systems AutoTee

At the heart of each of our systems is the auto tee machine. Its responsible for teeing the balls effectively and quietly every 4 seconds. This 4th generation machine offers a number of advancements over previous versions. The system uses mechanical linkage that requires not adjusting or replacing. The result is a ultra quiet and reliable tee machine that requires very little maintenance. With over 17 years of service our auto tee is a proven workhorse teeing up millions of golf balls everyday, every four seconds.

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