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TrackTee Bay Dividers display distance of each golf shot

TrackTee Launch Monitor / Bay Divider

Take your range to the next level!

TrackTee Launch Monitor / Bay DividerTrackTee is a revolutionary bay divider created to increase customer satisfaction and driving range revenue. The integrated ball flight monitor provides instant analysis that golfers will use to improve their game. Golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the TrackTee as they review the distance and ball speed of each shot. This creates a very unique and effective practice experience that is good tor the golfer and good for the range.

The TrackTee bay divider is an easy to use, highly accurate and reliable ball flight monitor. The advanced Doppler radar calculates the distance and speed after each shot and the result is displayed on the easy to read screen.

TrackTee Golf Bay Divider

It can display the total or carry distance in either yards or meters, and also displays the ball speed in either MPH or KPH. This accurate data provides golfers of all skill levels the tools necessary to help improve their practice experience and increase driving range revenue.

  • Easy To Use

    • TrackTee is easy to use, simply keep the golf in the shot mat hitting area and swing. The unit will track the ball and display the total distance and ball speed on the screen.
  • Accurate Shot Data

    • Using Reliable Doppler radar for ball flight data collection. Accurate on all shots & clubs between 20-420 yards.
  • Safe Design

    • Designed to eliminate the risk of a ball coming back at the user as well as protect other golfers at the range. Solid and impact proof to withstand the constant abuse of the range.TrackTee Hong Kong
  • Durable & Reliable

    • TrackTee is constructed of high impact UV stable plastics and power coated frame. Impact proof screen area protects the display from breakage.
  • Weather Proof

    • TrackTee was designed for installation in covered and non-covered ranges. The unit is waterproof as well as UV stable.

      Pacific Golf Center California TrackTee

      Pacific Golf Center California

  • Increased Revenue

    • TrackTee Auckland New Zealand

      Takapuna Driving Range, Auckland New Zealand

      Evolve your range with the installation of TrackTee bay dividers. Golfers will appreciate the added amenity and choose a TrackTee equipped range.

  • Advertising Revenue

    • Advertising panels on both sides offer a new revenue source. National Sponsors will advertise on the printable ad panels.

      Ellerslie New Zealand Automated Driving Range TrackTee

      Ellerslie New Zealand Automated Driving Range

  • Easy Installation

    • Installation of TrackTee bay dividers is simple and requires very little preparation.  30 bay range can be installed in about a day.

      Oasis Golf Center TrackTee

      Oasis Golf Center Plymouth Michigan

Easy to install and with minimal investment, TrackTee is revolutionizing the range experience.

Buffalo Grove Park District

We are proud to announce the newest member to our driving range family, Buffalo Grove Park District Golf Dome in Chicago Illinois. With the addition of 36 TrackTee Bay Dividers golfers will now know the ball distance and speed of every shot! The Golf Dome is recognized as one of the top indoor golf learning centers in the country.



Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the great game of golf, or just working on keeping your skills sharp during the cold months, the Buffalo Grove Golf and Sports Center is the place to do it.  Recognized as one of the top indoor golf learning centers in the nation, we offer a temperature controlled, realistic practice environment, suitable for working on full shots and the short game.  Come on by to hit on our 75 yard indoor driving range with TrackTee Bay Dividers, putting green and chipping green with 2 sand bunkers; or, improve your golf game with professional instruction from our staff golf professionals and group classes.




Golf Dome Sports Complex TrackTee Testimonial

The Golf Dome TrackTee

“The TrackTee has proven to be the perfect solution for our driving range.  Not only do the TrackTee’s give our tee line a clean, sleek look, but customers appreciate the ease of use and instant yardage feedback.  As a result, customers tend to stay longer, increasing our revenue.  All of our units have been virtually maintenance free since installation, which is also a huge plus for us.  All-in-all, TrackTee’s have been one of the best additions to our range.”

Kyle B – General Manager – The Golf Dome – Chagrin Falls, OH


The Golf Dome TrackTee

TrackTee Oasis Golf Center Installation

Oasis Golf Center TrackTeeWe are proud to announce the newest member to our driving range family, the Oasis Golf Center. With the addition of 22 TrackTee’s  golfers will now know the ball distance and speed of every shot!
TrackTee Oasis Golf Center
TrackTee makes the driving range experience more valuable especially when the dome goes up in the winter.
Oasis Golf Center - TrackTee

TrackTee Oasis Golf Center Michigan

Oasis Golf Center TrackTee

oasis golf center TrackTeeTrackTee Oasis Golf Center

Oasis Golf Center in Plymouth, Michigan has evolved their range with TrackTee.

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