ES One Semi Automated Tee-Up System


Our ES One Semi Automated golf tee-up system offers all of the advantages of the auto-tee in a very affordable package. These systems are filled manually by the customer either from a golf ball dispenser or through counter sales. Once the hopper is filled, the machine will tee the balls until empty. Fully adjustable from 0-63mm/2.5inches and a tee cycle time of 4 seconds. The hopper will hold up to 200 balls and the systems can be operated from the front desk control system.

Available in any color with custom printed graphics to promote your facility or advertisers.

Rolling Hills Driving Range Augusta Georgia

Rolling Hills Driving Range / Augusta, Georgia


ES One layout



Tee Height Adjustment
  • Adjust the tee height from 0-63mm

EagleStar Control Pad
  • Easy to use controls

EagleStar Display Screen
  • LED Display

Augusta Semi automated driving range

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