EZ Shot Auto Tee System

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The EZ-Shot Golf Auto Tee System is an affordable, easy to install machine that will dramatically upgrade your driving range facility. Additionally, because balls are automatically teed up to any height up to 63mm/2.5inches , bending over to tee every shot is eliminated. In order to adjust the ball height, simply use a club to tap the up or down button.

Auto Tee Systems EZ-Shot

Diagram of EZ-Shot Golf Auto Tee System

*Ball Tray not included in price

As a result, your customers will appreciate the added amenity the EZ-Shot auto tee creates.

The benefits:

  • Increase revenue by 25%-45% by charging more per ball.
  • No hidden fees or yearly payments.
  • Modernizes your facility. Allowing you to keep up with the ever changing golf driving range industry.
  • No moving around to tee up a golf ball and breaking stance and grip.
  • Creates a rhythm which helps builds muscle memory.
  • Adjustable tee heights allow the golfer to hit balls without breaking their stance and grip.
  • Easy to install. Requires minimal sub-grade work.
  • The tee height can accept any driver on the market.
  • Can be connected to our Range Management Software.
  • Of course, it’s a perfect addition to any golfing man cave!

EZ-Shot Golf Auto Tee System

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