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EagleStar Driving Range Auto Tee System

  The EagleStar Driving Range Auto Tee System has been designed as a less expensive alternative to our kiosk based NorthStar4 system. Although the systems all share the same ball delivery components, the EagleStar system uses a small control pad to control start/stop, tee up and down. The system is controlled by our Range Management …

NorthStar Kiosk - Golf Driving Range Equipment

NorthStar Golf Auto Tee System

The Future of the Golf Driving Range The NorthStar4 Golf Auto Tee System achieves new levels of driving range control and flexibility in a beautifully designed, versatile and user friendly system. Customers are welcomed by an easy to use kiosk that houses a bright color touch screen. A convenient tray holds keys, drinks and a place …