Golf Ball Washer


Golf Ball Washer/Dryer

With over 100 ranges worldwide our golf ball washing and drying systems efficiently clean and dry millions of golf balls per day. Our specialty is providing dependable long lasting equipment that results in little to no revenue draining down time. This allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your driving range business.

Range Automation Systems Golf Ball Washer
Built entirely out of stainless steel our Ball Washer/Dryer is proven to withstand the harsh elements providing complete rust protection! Not only will you have a reliable machine for many years, ball jams and wet golf balls are a thing of the past.
Golf Ball Washer - Dryer
Instead of a single stage ball washer we send the golf balls through 3 different stages that minimize the wear you find from other washers on the market.

Golf Ball Washer - Dryer
  • Only Washer/Dryer on the Market

  • Never Jams

  • 13 Cleaning Brushes

  • Stainless Steel Design

  • 35,000 Balls Per Hour

  • Large Debris Collection Screen

  • Re-Circulates Cleaning Solution

First when the golf balls enter, 3 brushes and 10 water jets gently remove the majority of dirt, sand and turf.
Range Automation Systems Golf Ball Washer
From there the golf balls push themselves through another 4 brushes that scrub and remove any remaining turf, dirt and sand.
Range Automation Systems Golf Ball Washer
Finally the golf balls travel along 4 drying brushes while a high velocity blower completes the process. This ensures a steady supply of clean dry golf balls for the storage and supply process.