DR1600 Auto Dispenser *NEW*

Introducing the New DR1600 Auto Dispenser from Range Automation Systems.

A stand-alone auto dispenser that the customer controls. Simply wave any club in front of the sensor and it will dispense one golf ball at a time.

DR1600 Auto Dispenser

With a 1600 ball capacity, your customers can hit all day and night. Our feeder mechanism has proven itself delivering millions of  golf balls over the years.

EZSHOT GIF2 The top opens wide and is low to make loading easier.

An interior “low ball” sensor can either activate a LED on the top of the dispenser, or alert the range shop when the dispenser is getting low on balls.

Available In a variety of colors, it is small enough to be sleek, yet has ample storage. Constructed of powder coated stainless steel with a plastic impact panel to withstand the elements.

Simply plug the DR1600 into any 110V or 220V outlet, fill it with golf balls and it is ready to go. Not only does the DR1600 Auto Dispenser operate as a stand alone dispenser, it can also be connected to our Conveyor system. Why pay someone to fill dispensers by hand? Our automation systems can refill every station quickly and quietly.

Customer using DR1600 Dispenser

In addition to having a large capacity, the all weather construction means you can install the DR1600 indoors or outdoors. Your customers will love the ease and convenience an auto dispenser provides.

The DR1600 Auto Dispenser can also be paired with our EZ Shot Auto Tee Machine to also tee the ball up hands free. Another option is to combine it with TopTracer® technology for an interactive experience.


Power Supply: 110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Dimensions: L = 988mm, w = 389mm, H = 854mm
Capacity: 1600 Golf Balls


Front of dispenser

DR1600 Auto Dispenser