NorthStar4 Auto Tee


The Future of the Golf Driving Range

The NorthStar4 Golf Auto Tee System achieves new levels of driving range control and flexibility in a beautifully designed, versatile and user friendly system. Customers are welcomed by an easy to use kiosk that houses a bright color touch screen. A convenient tray holds keys, drinks and a place to rest clubs.

Wembley Automated Golf Driving Range

NorthStar4 Auto Tee System Perth, Western Australia


Customers activate the station by entering a pin code or membership card purchased from the front desk or pro shop. Membership cards promote larger purchases, customer loyalty and are a unique marketing tool. The cards are also reusable and encoded from the front desk management system that is tailored to the range owners preferences. Learn more about the NorthStar4’s products here.

Once play begins the easy to read screen displays the members name, remaining number of balls, yardage to pins and advertising screens. Tee heights up to 63mm are controlled by large buttons located next to the screen.

  • Easy to Use PIN Payment System
  •  Color Screen Advertising Features
  •  Custom Yardage Mapping
 Tee Adjust
  •  Adjust the Tee Height from 0-63mm

NorthStar4 Auto Tee Skokie
The NorthStar4 is a direct result of 25 years of continued research and development and is the proven choice to maximize profits as well as the customers practice experience. Golfers will consistently hit 30-40% more balls in less time, increasing revenue per customer, per visit!

Yulong Bay Automated Driving Range

Yulong Bay Automated Driving Range China

YULONG BAY Golf Automated Driving Range China