Platform Auto Tee System

cropped-RAS-LOGO_A.jpgPlatform Auto-Tee System

Our semi-automatic platform auto tee system offers all the advantages of the auto-tee but in a portable package. These systems are filled manually by the customer either from a ball vending machine or through counter sales.

platform golf auto tee systems

Once the hopper is filled the machine will tee the balls until empty. Fully adjustable from 0-63mm and tee cycle times of 3.6 seconds. The platform requires 110V or 220V outlet and can be placed on concrete or grass areas. The unit can also be installed sub grade to be flush with the floor.

EagleStar Control Pad
  • Easy to use controls

 Tee Adjust
  •  Adjust the tee height from 0-63mm

 EagleStar Display Screen
  •  High Contrast LED display