Range Management Software

Range Management Software (RMS)

Whether you need complete control of a Ball Dispenser or a Fully Automated Golf Driving Range we have the solution tailored just for you! The Range Management Software (RMS) was developed to provide range owners complete control and flexibility in operating their facility. We have spent countless hours developing a user friendly software package that continues to evolve based on feedback from our customers. The following are just a few highlights of the many options that are available.

Driving Range Management Software


  • Sell Memberships Cards
  • RFID (Radio Frequency ID) cards
  • Set Price per Ball (Manual or Automatic)
  • Issue Ticket Pin Receipts (NorthStar Only)
  • Print Sales Reports
  • Start/Shutdown Station (Manual or Automatic)
  • Free Play Mode
  • Time Rental Mode
  • Attendant Call Button (NorthStar Only)
  • Real Time Advertising Control (NorthStar Only)


All this information is displayed and available in real-time within a user-friendly graphical interface.

Range Management Software Interface

Our system allows for easy access to many important pieces of information to successfully manage and control your driving range business.

  • Membership Database
    • Demographic Details
    • Usage Statistics
    • Number of Visits
    • Membership Level
    • Issue/Deactivate Cards
  • Coupons / Non-Member
    • Sell Any Value/Balls
    • Set Expire Time
    • Greetings Text Box
  • Real Time Station Control & Monitoring
    • Current Station Status
    • In Use Member Details
    • Ball Hits/Remaining
    • Time In Use/Remaining
    • Manual Control Station Status

All of sales data can be accessed from our Range Management Reports Software package. This provides the ability to generate reports based on all of the information that is collected by the RMS.


Range Management Software Report

  • Usage & Sales Reports
    • Total Balls Hit
    • Revenue Collected
    • Member Details & Usage
    • Ticket Sales
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Sales Reports