The Swing at Wembley

theswing automated golf driving range


The Swing Driving Range is located inside the Wembley Golf Course in Perth, Western Australia.

Built new in 2009 and features our most advanced NorthStar 4 System.


theSwing Automated Driving Range
theSwing Automated Golf Driving Range

The Swing Automated Golf Driving Range

The Swing

The Swing Perth Australia


The Swing is Western Australia’s premier golf driving range. The auto driving range houses 80 bays on two levels and caters for right and left handed golfers. Bays are designed to deliver a ball to your tee, as well as control the tee height using sophisticated touch screen technology. The Swing range is located high atop a hill with a grand view of its surroundings. Occasionally you may take a break and look up to see beautiful downtown Perth.