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Golf Warehouse Wellington TrackTee Installation

GW Lower Hutt TrackTee

The Golf Warehouse Driving Range located in Wellington New Zealand has installed 20 TrackTee Bay Dividers. After the huge success and customer feedback at their Ellerslie location in Auckland the decision to install TrackTee was an easy one to make.

Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt New Zealand Automated Golf Driving RangeBefore TrackTee

TrackTee Wellington New Zealand

With TrackTee

Along with the 20 bay EagleStar automated tee-up system the driving range is one of the most advanced and profitable in the southern hemisphere.

Golf Warehouse Takapuna, New Zealand

Golf Warehouse Takapuna
Golf Warehouse Takapuna is one of New Zealand’s premier golfing practice destinations. It features a fully stocked retail shop with the latest club fitting technology from Foresight Sports along with our EagleStar fully automated 28 bay golf driving range with TrackTee, practice putting green, and 5 PGA professionals on site. Make this your new home of practice today and watch your scores drop.

Golf Warehouse Takapuna

Golf Warehouse Takapuna Automated Driving Range
Golf Warehouse Takapuna Automated Driving Range

TrackTee is installed at each bay to enhance the customer practice experience. Check out the video below.

Golf Warehouse Ellerslie, New Zealand

GW Ellerslie

Golf Warehouse Ellerslie is New Zealand’s Premier Golf practice destination, featuring a fully 30 automated driving range bays including the latest Track Tee Technology, a members area including five short game greens and a 40m wide grass range tee, a 9 hole Pitch and Putt Par 3 Golf Course ranging from 80m to 135m holes and the Institute of Golf all under the one location. Located in the middle of the Ellerslie course, the entrance is through Gate 1 behind the Ascot Hospital. Golf Warehouse Ellerslie is prefect for fun with friends and for those serious about their game development.ellerslie automated driving range
Ellerslie Automated Driving RangeEllerslie Automated Driving RangeEllerslie Automated Driving Range

Over the Top Golf 19th Hole

Golf’s toughest Par 3: Extreme 4,500ft high hole where players must tee off towards a green accessible only by helicopter below

  • The picturesque Par 3, located near Queenstown, New Zealand, is 4,500ft high and accessible only by helicopter
  • Players must tee-off onto a green several hundred metres away without losing their ball down the mountainside
  • It is three times higher than the famous Extreme 19th in Limpopo Province, South Africa – which sits at 1,300ft

This may just be the world’s toughest Par 3 – a tiny green accessible only by helicopter nestled into mountainside overlooking the city of Queenstown, New Zealand.

Built on top of a 4,500ft high mountain overlooking the lake, the hole’s players have nothing but the green surrounded by jagged rocks and spiky rough at which to aim.

Mis-hits and errant golf balls are gone forever, while those who do make the green must travel to it by helicopter if they wish to finish their round.

The one-off nature of the course requires exceptional rules, including driving off only when the helicopter is behind you and keeping an eye out for prickly mountain flowers.

The idea developed from previous experiences offered by Over The Top – a helicopter tour specialist – where passengers could knock eco-balls round. The turf, sand and platforms were later put in place by helicopter.

Located in New Zealand’s Southern Alps mountain range, the Par 3 is more than three times the height of the Extreme 19th in South Africa – which sits at 1,300ft.


Over the Top Golf 19th Hole

Louisa Patterson, founder and chief executive of Over The Top, said: ‘We have been driving using eco balls off mountain tops and our guests often suggested a green to aim would be ideal. Now with our association with Golf Warehouse we have been able to turn fantasy into reality with an amazing green in the mountains.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3247499/Golf-s-toughest-Par-3-Extreme-4-500ft-high-hole-players-tee-green-accessible-helicopter-below.html#ixzz3wOfCKf1w
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Golf Warehouse Wellington, New Zealand

Golf Warehouse Wellington
Golf Warehouse Lower Hutt is Wellington’s Premier Golf practice destination, featuring a fully automated EagleStar 22 bay driving range with TrackTee Bay Dividers, 9 hole par 3 golf course, mini golf and Institute of Golf all under the one location.

Golf Warehouse WellingtonGolf Warehouse Wellington

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