How do our systems produce more sales using a Membership Card vs. just a Ball Dispenser ?

There are several reasons for this. First, the customer can go directly to the station, insert their membership card and begin hitting. No more having to bend over to tee the ball. Never have to carry a bucket or fetch balls from a remote location (or leave their clubs unattended). Within 4 seconds after the ball is hit, another appears on the tee at the same height it was previously set to ready to be hit. The result is customers hitting more balls in less time.
With a bucket system customers always have a visual cue as to how many are left, and they pace yourself accordingly. However, most auto tee customers can’t even tell you, after a brief period of time, how many balls they hit without looking at the control tower display. Essentially, customers using our tee-up machines hit more balls per visit and that equates to greater sales. Visit any of our automated ranges and test this yourself. The average at our ranges are 160-175 balls/hour/bay (when the range is at capacity). Bucket operated ranges rarely exceed 125-130 balls/hour/bay. Even during slow periods, customers hit an average of 100 balls or more compared to bucket ranges where 70 is the norm. In addition, we offer the ability to sell membership cards in any denomination, which greatly increases your daily sales while promoting customer loyalty.