If we purchase one of your systems what is included?

In addition to the highest quality products designed to maximize your revenues, we provide our customers complete CAD construction drawings that are based on their final range design. These drawings are for the installation of our equipment and cover all the necessary electrical, plumbing and communications issues.
Our systems will come with all necessary materials and equipment. Our own RAS team handles the actual installation of the equipment. We are not concrete or electrical contractors so the electrical wire and conduit to feed power to our equipment and the concrete work is NOT included. RAS will attend your construction meetings and provide inspections to answer any questions the contractors may have about the integration of our products into your range. Often, we can helped the local architect with the initial layout for the tee-deck and suggest materials and cost savings methods based on our extensive experience. After installation, we train your staff on the operation and maintenance of the equipment including the use of the Windows based software operations and management tools. All our systems are covered by a full year warranty.