Is there a recommended size for a tee deck structure and hitting station.

We have varied hitting station sizes from 2.5m x 4.75m (8′-2″ x 15′-6″) to 93.66m x 6.71m (12′ x 22′ ). These dimensions include the walkway behind the actual hitting station. Ideally for our system and a good large walkway behind we recommend 10′ x 20′ (3.1m x 6.2m) for each station. Floor to floor separation heights should be between 10′ and 12′ feet, depending on the design of the floor (roof) structure and how the lights, heaters, etc will be mounted and located. Building a deck design with a curve (like Skokie Golf Park in Chicago or CrackerJax in Scottsdale, AZ ) is more expensive than a straight or 3-segment deck (where the two ends are canted in toward the center of the range) like Desert Pines, Las Vegas or Heartland Golf Park in Long Island.