What are the capabilities of your Range Management Software and do I need it?

The Range Management Software (RMS) program is a comprehensive package designed to allow your range to automatically start its operations. The program collects sales data hourly (including number of customers, money collected, balls hit and utilization percentage by station), offers flexibility in station operation (price per ball, time rental mode, or free play for special events) and tracks system errors or equipment problems. You are provided with numerous card denomination usage and sales reports. These can be beneficial in determining effectiveness of promotions and even help you better optimize your labor schedule.
The Windows PC based interface is familiar and the program is easy to use, just point and click. Prices or modes of operation can change at preset times 7 days a week as you require. There is also an option for special holiday pricing and hours. Stations can be arranged in up to 4 groups so prices or modes of operation can vary by group (e.g. 1st floor is price per ball, 2nd floor is time rental mode). A history of all data is kept on your PC’s hard disk for future comparison and analysis.