What is the difference in your NorthStar and EagleStar system configurations?

Both configurations provide the same tee-up machine and dispenser designed to operate using our membership cards. The main differences are the customer interface and how the system is activated.
The Eagle Star configuration requires a customer to check in to be assigned a hitting station The control of the station is also different. The Eagle Star system uses a control pad located along side the hitting area near the customer.

EagleStar System

The North Star can be activated at any station by the customer with either a membership card or a pin code. The North Star system uses a kiosk with a color touchscreen to move the tee up and down and display yardage maps, advertising, customer’s name and value remaining.

NorthStar4 System

Both systems include a complete automated ball wash/dry and delivery system. This equipment includes: a rust free presoak tank, Stainless Steel washer/dryer, elevators, a 100,000 or 150,000 golf ball stock box and feeder system, and our unique and patented stainless steel belt conveyor with computerized control panel. The ball wash and delivery system operate on a 7 day a week automatic cycle. The operation is totally hands free from the time the balls are deposited into the presoak until they come up on the tee.

Presoak Tank, Ball Washer/Dryer, Elevator