What kind of Sales figures do these fully automated ranges produce?

As for metropolitan ranges, our leader is in New York at over $2.5MM USD/yr, however they can charge a premium of 16-23 cents/ball. Other major market ranges around the U.S. charge from 7-12 cents per ball. This can generate annual sales of $700,000 to $1.3MM. These figures are revenue from golf ball sales only, not including pro shop, restaurant sales or vending machines, etc. A more useful way to look at this data is in terms of dollar sales per hitting bay per year (“$/b/yr”). The average $/b/yr for ranges in the US is approx. $5,000. Top metro ranges in the USA report substantially more revenue per station per year but few if any approach the average numbers our automated ranges produce of $15K-25K/per bay/year in sales. Typically we find that our systems increase sales by about 25-35% over previous bucket levels at facilities we convert.