What’s the cost of deveolping and building a driving range?

We have ranges in the US that have been completed from start to finish for less than $200,000 and others that have cost in excess of $6,000,000. As you might expect, the sales potential closely tracks the project development costs. The cost can vary due to many factors including: materials used for construction, local labor and materials costs, soil conditions, range size design and layout, type of structures to be included, city or county special requirements, utility hook-up or stand-by charges, artificial vs. real grass landing area, mat or grass teeing area, amenities included (eg. heated/cooled hitting stalls, tee-up system, etc), netting and pole height requirements, lighting requirements and many others.
RAS has designed many projects throughout the world. We have worked with wood, concrete and steel, pre-cast concrete and even cast-in-place concrete for building tee deck structures. RAS has pioneered the use of tension fabric and canvas for shade cover on tee decks. We are flexible and will work with you to find the best solution for your range.
No matter whom you select to help you, check their references and past projects. If you can, visit any projects that give as a reference. It is very expensive to have someone learn how to build a driving range on your nickel.