UltraSlim Golf Ball Auto Tee System


Range Automation Systems Golf Ball AutomationUltraSlim Golf Ball Auto Tee

We are proud to announce the UltraSlim, the shortest golf ball auto tee in the world at only 140mm/5.5 inches tall. This allows the machine to be easily installed almost anywhere!

Separating the working mechanism of the ball supply and tee-up parts, makes it stable and durable.

It enables stepless adjustment of the tee height within 0-60mm(0-2.36″) to accept various club sizes.

Drastically reduce the cost and time required for system construction.




By comparison, standard auto tee-up machines are up to 60mm/2.36 inches taller. This requires not only more building materials, but also more time to properly install. Therefore you will save money by reducing the infrastructure required to install an UltraSlim automated tee-up system.

Now shorter is better!